Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boys and their toys

Just wanted to share pics of Alex with some of his friends. You know, he can only take so much of his mom before he goes bug nuts and needs a new face to lick.

We've been forcing the Primms to spend time with us because when we move, they will miss us terribly, and we want to make sure that they are so sick of us by the time we leave that they won't be quite as sad to see us go. Or maybe we will miss them terribly and don't want to take for granted how close we live for the time being. Here are some pics of A and his good pal O, spending some QT during a couple of recent playdates.

Tonight we went to a surprise party for Brian Simpson, a friend of Timothy's from law school. Brian and his wife Amanda have the cuuutest little boy, Jacob, who is about a month younger than Alex. Alex and Jacob haven't "kicked it" since they were four and three months old, respectively, so we were anxious for Alex to get to hang with someone that is so close to his age.

The couple hosting the party also have an adorable little boy who, at 13 weeks old, isn't particularly interested in all the toys that he has already accumulated, so the older boys made sure they didn't go to waste.

In the beginning, they made sure to give each other plenty of space, careful not to invade the other's "bubble". But as the evening went on, the distance between them grew shorter...

...and shorter...

...and shorter still.

Jacob finally put his foot down when Alex tried to tongue kiss him.

There were lots of people at the party for Alex to be usin' for a-cruisin'. Here he is cruising across Brian's back.

All the cruising and tongue kissing left poor A tuckered out by the time we left, so he started a good night's sleep in the car on the way home, surely dreaming of more good times with good friends.


leah said...

LOVE his hair!!

Oliver said...

I love all the open mouth kissing :)