Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He's ba-aaaaack!!!

It appears that Alex is on the mend. Despite an ever snotty nose and a nasty (yet less frequent) cough, Alex was in good spirits today. And, in my limited experience, good spirits seem to be the best indicator of his well-being.

Although he woke up at six this morning, I am blaming the noisy men that operate the noisy garbage truck with no consideration for sleeping babies (or mommies), mostly for my own peace of mind, as I think I will lose my mind if he starts getting up regularly at six. I let him rattle around in his cage 'til 6:45am, and when I went in to get him, I could tell it was gonna be a better day than the two previous ones.

He took a great first nap from 9 to 11:30, and it was obvious that a little sleep had done him a lot of good.

That's his new thing, btw, banging his mouth against things to create funny sounds. I guess that when you've been house bound for three days and you've played with all of your toys, you have to improvise. (And yes, I do know my house is a complete pigsty. But in my defense, that is Alex's stuff, and I make him clean it all up before he goes to bed.)

Soooo, other than napping and noisemaking, A is back to his other favorite pastimes - chewing on things he's not supposed to and amusing me with goofy faces so I'll think twice about punishing him.

Allow me to apologize for the massive amounts of who knows what pouring from Alex's face. I've spent the last three days with a beach towel in hand, attempting to minimize the amount of contaminated bodily fluid that reaches his toys, the furniture, the floor, myself, and anything else he decides to smear his drippy face on.

Poor thing, he can't breathe out of his nose, so his mouth has to compensate, which has led to record breaking amounts of slobber. Waaaaay more than teething has produced so far. The nurse suggested using one of those snot suckers to alleviate some of the pressure in his nasal cavities. Yeeaaaahhhhh, and pigs might fly...It's not that they don't work. Problem is, how do you convince your kid to let you shove a giant pointy tube up his nose? Somehow I doubt that A is stronger, faster, and more aware that someone is about to shove a giant pointy tube up his nose than most kids. Yet I sure as heck can't figure out how to hold his head still enough to do any real, productive snot sucking.

So, despite my best efforts, he is still a snotting, snorting, drooling little monster. Here he is with not one, but two streams of drool rolling down his chin. This may be a common occurrence amongst the drooling elite, but I was impressed nonetheless and had to commemorate the occasion with a picture.

Due to the severe loss of fluids, I have tried to keep A hydrated and even convinced him to drink some water.

So I've rambled on and on about what a mess Alex is, while the real point of this point was to let everyone know that he is doing better. Just a few more days of ickiness and he should return to his healthy self. Lucky for me, he has already returned to his hammy self. Yaaayyyyyy!!!! Mommy has her happy boy back!!


Quinn said...

Is Alex waving "hi" in that video? Did we forget to blog about this milestone or did I miss it in the many other conquests of Sir Alexander the Great? Either way, that was the cutest/funniest face in that video.

Chatter said...

His hair is getting long. He is so CUTE Sarah! I can't wait to meet him!

Amy said...

Okay, what kind of language is that?!!! We don't discuss disgusting bodily functions!!! Much less in those blunt terms!!! GROSS!!!
My beautiful brave grandson is so charming and brilliant I'm sure nobody even noticed that he looks JUST LIKE HIS MOM DID her whole entire youth!!!
Granny B loves ya, runny nose and all.
Did you ever think any human could be charming enough that you looked forward to them coming over and rubbing their gooey nose on ya?
Children are miracles aren't they?
Yes, YOU are.
Kiss noise,