Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter '08, Part One

I don't know how it is for most families, but in my family, Easter is essentially "Christmas lite", meaning it is a pretty doggone big deal. As a kid, I remember waking up before sunrise and running up to my parents' room to wake them up and let them know that we were ready to see what the Bunny brought us. Apparently Alex has already caught on to this tradition, because I heard him stirring in his bed around 5:45am. He would squeak a little, then get quiet again, so I let him marinate for a while so the rest of the fam wouldn't have to get up so early.

I heard him again at 6:45, so I finally woke up the rest of the clan and let them know that Alex was up, and he was ready to see what the Bunny brought him. However, when we went in to get him, he was looking a little rough and not exactly "bright-eyed" or "bushytailed".

Of course, when he realized he had such a large audience, he sucked it up and played to the crowd.

After a diaper and a jammie change, A was ready to go downstairs for his egg hunt. Almost...

There are only a couple times a year, or rather, a handful of occasions when I will intentionally subject my child to the humiliation resulting from a bad fashion decision. Easter is one such occasion.

Lucky for him, G'ma and I searched high and low for a bunny costume, complete with ears and cottontail, and came up empty. Is there not a market for parents wanting to humiliate their children on the blessed Easter holiday? Anyway, silky blue bunny ears had to suffice. This time.

Finally, it was time to head downstairs.

The Easter Bunny was very clever, and instead of hiding individual eggs like she might do for older kids, attached all the eggs to a ribbon and attached the end of the ribbon to a basket, theory being that Alex would follow the eggs to find the basket. That smart Easter Bunny. I guess that's why she is still Head Hare and I am just an apprentice...

Basket #1 and 2 were from Timothy and I and they contained some snacks, some eggs, and a colorful patchwork elephant named Elmer. I actually bought Elmer for myself cuz for some reason, I love him, but I had to pass him off as a gift for Alex so Timothy wouldn't a) be mad that I spent money on a stuffed animal for myself, and b) think I was a weirdo for wanting a stuffed animal for myself. Oh well, guess the cat's out of the bag now, isn't it?

Basket #3 was from the Easter Bunny and was full of awesome things, like a custom, hand-painted jacket with his name on it, a coloring book and pencils, and an antique spinning top that is too cool for words.

A was intrigued by the top, although he couldn't figure to how to spin it and just wanted to grab it when we spun it for him. He did, however, enjoy smacking it into G'ma and G'pa's hardwood floor over and over. And over.

Basket #4 was another from Tim and I. This one had a Baby Einstein DVD, some crayons made especially for little hands, an army inspired hat just like his dad's, and a jigsaw puzzle book that A picked out himself the last time we were at B&N.

Apparently he loves his Baby Einstein DVD and is not afraid to show it.

The next basket (#5) was also from the Easter Bunny, although it was not technically a "basket". It was a large drum that contain a variety of musical instruments, including drumsticks, a tambourine, a shaker with bells attached, and a glockenspiel. But the cool part was that the instruments were bold and brightly colored and have funky shapes like that totally appeal to the graphic arts lover in me. Man, I love this thing. Alex loves it too, so I have a feeling that the two of us will have good times making music together.

We let Murph sneak in his basket before Alex got to his next one. His was a combination of items from the Easter Bunny and I, including a squeaky newspaper toy, a skinny loofah dog that he and Alex can share without risk of finger-biting, lots of good rawhide bones and snacks, and some gourmet treats from the Three Dog Bakery. He got a mini carrot cake, a "peanut mutter" cookie, and a box of sandwich cookies that he will have to fight me for. Technically, they are "made for dogs", but they are all natural, flavored with vanilla and carob, and are delicious for humans, as well. No joke, you will find me kicked back with a cold glass of milk and a handful of "Lick 'n' Crunch" doggie treats as poor Murph looks on with a bewildered expression.

Onto Alex's next find, basket #6. This one was from the Easter Bunny, and it was chock full of swim gear for when we're hanging at the pool this summer. Swim diapers, post-pool shampoo to prevent his lovely locks from going green, SPF 600 sunblock to keep him nice and pasty, a pool float, some foam "Splash" balls, Illini orange swim trunks, and two pairs of bad apple shades. Look out, ladies. This guy is too cool for school.

There were a few other baskets here and there, mostly containing puffs and crackers and such since A is not allowed to have candy yet. After all the baskets and eggs were found, we had a few minutes to relax before we had to get ready for all our guests who were coming over for Easter lunch. To Alex, "relaxing" means, "acting a fool and making my family laugh 'til they pee their pants."

I swear, his behavior is totally unprovoked. I think he just instinctively knows what's funny. Then he does it. Anyway, stay tuned for Easter Day, Part Two, coming soon...


leah said...

Oh my how many baskets can one kid have?? I can smell that rotten rear from here!!! But, yeah, he deserves it!! :)

Oliver said...

Seriously - wow - I don't even know what to say....6+ Easter baskets?? I'm speechless. I didn't know anyone made that big a deal out of Easter :) I love it though - this blog was very entertaining and looks like you guys had so much fun!

Quinn said...

Sarah, where did your little boy go? I cannot believe how old he is looking now a days. And another thing....I thought Quinn was spoiled on her birthday, but 6 baskets and that's just for Easter. You weren't kidding about how big a deal Easter is for you all. WOW, that's all I can say. Love the bunny ears....very impressed that the little guy kept them on that long!

leah said...

Ok so as I was looking at all these cute pictures.....again...I noticed that all the baskets are ID by a picture of who they belong to!! hhahaha love it!!! Could you please ask your Easter Bunny to come to my house next year??? (jk mom)

Quinn said...

OK, I just realized that Quinn got bunny ears, only in pink, and sunglasses, too, for Easter! Coincidence? I think not!