Sunday, November 21, 2010

Isaac... five months and four days old.
...has a nervous habit of pulling on his belly skin. always ready for a close-up. trying hard to sit up.
...can sit up in his Bumbo seat.

...moves his walker around the house.

...might like the jumperoo even more than Alex did. And that's a lot. one cool cat.

...has been rolling from his belly to his back for over a couple months.

...tries to roll from his back to his belly six hundred times a day and has succeeded twice.
...wants to anything his brother is doing.

...has to be subjected to neck-stretching exercises 5 times a day.

...will officially have to wear a helmet.

...loves bedtime.
...loves bathtime. I think it's because it's one step closer to bedtime. happiest when he's around people. a good sport.

...loves to be outside.

...looks for airplanes when he hears them fly overhead. fascinated by wind blowing through the trees and rustling the leaves. a Hogs fan, even though he doesn't know it yet.

...wears diapers that look like jeans.

...rubs his face when he is tired.
...can almost feed himself.

...has catcher's mitts for hands.
...has Shar-Peis for legs.

...has discovered his feet. And likes 'em a lot.

...has discovered his dog. And likes him a lot.

...enjoys playing with toys. a Mama's Boy, but likes everyone else, too. starting to get his hair back. Too bad his helmet's going to rub it all off again.

...does things that Alex never did. Like fall asleep.

...exhibits many characteristics of a teething baby. Except for teeth. only goin' to church, but he's still gonna look good.


momboe said...

In the words of my father, If you're not going to dress up for God, who are you gonna dress up for? Isaac made sure God will take notice of him first! Lookin' gooooodd.
That kid knows how to take a picture.
I need to go get some heart glue because mine just broke a little bit when I saw all the things I'm missing...sniff.
I LOVE his racing cap.

Patti Zantout said...

What a gorgeous looking boy and I think his head is just perfect! And I also think he looks just like his Daddy! What a beautiful family you have, Sarah. And we are eagerly awaiting our new grandboy, too. We need girls and it's up to you now since Jake & Deb are calling it quits after this one. Oh well, I do love boys! Mimi

Joy said...

Wow, there are too many absolutely off-the-charts-adorable pictures in this post for me to even stand it! Seriously. Love him.