Friday, November 5, 2010

Trunk 'r' Treat '10

Here are the rest of the pics from Trunk 'r' Treat this year. It started at 4, and seeing as though Alex refuses to nap now, he was walking around in a fatigue-induced stupor (in case you're wondering why Awesome Alex looks more like Anesthetized Alex in many of these pictures).

We met up with Charlotte and her folks and ran into other friends along the way.

We made a quick stop at the petting zoo, where Alex attempted to feed a llama and some sheep. Alex likes to verbally abuse the animals if they don't come over and eat his food right away. I've tried to explain to him that yelling at animals generally makes them run in the other direction, but he hasn't caught on yet.

Evil Isaac giving Awesome Alex the evil eye. It was awesome.

Alex was really excited to ride the horses again this year, and since I was feeding Evil Isaac at the time, Tim took the camera. I love my husband dearly. He is charming and brilliant and talented at many things. But photography is not one of them. He did luck into a couple good shots of Alex's face, although you wouldn't know from the pictures that Alex's face was attached to a body that was riding a horse.

Oh well, I suppose you all know what a horse looks like anyway. And here's what we look like.

The kids decided they were ready for pizza, so Little Red Riding Hood led the way over the river and through the woods...

We made a potty stop at the church before we headed to the car and got couple quick pics of our super hero and villain.

Apparently the battle between Good and Evil will be continued at a later date, maybe after dinner and a good night's sleep...

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grammy said...

not only awesome alex but an awesome family. luv yal