Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diet plan

Alex (pointing at my stomach): Baby in your tummy!
Me: What? There is not a baby in there.
Alex: Well, it's getting bigger.
Me: Thanks a lot. Don't ever tell a girl her tummy is getting bigger. Girls don't like that.
Alex: Well why is it getting bigger?
Me: Probably because I'm eating too much.
Alex: Well then you need to stop eating so much and starting eating just a little.
Me: Thanks for the tip.


vicki said...

Ok Alex - we are not going to talk about Grammy's stomach when she comes !!!!!

susbyme said...

Duct tape comes in camo as well as all the colors in the rainbow.

Grandpa in Peoria said...

How 'bout more on life in Dallas? I need to know if mom and I are equipped to beat the heat. Or are those days over. Hope so.