Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Isaac's Post-Party/Alex's Pre-Party

After Isaac's party, we let him open a few of his presents. He got a bear that sang him happy birthday, two recordable copies of Guess How Much I Love You being read to him by both sets of grandparents (totally a coincidence!), a Melissa & Doug froggy pull toy, a Chuck Truck playhouse, and a really cool wooden book handmade by my mom.

Since the boys' birthdays are a month apart and not everyone would be able to come back for Alex's party, we decided to have a birthday brunch for Alex on the morning after Isaac's party.

Alex's "cake" was a donut with sprinkles from our favorite Saturday morning breakfast spot, "Yummy Donuts". Sadly, they know Alex's name there. And the fact that, to Daddy's dismay, he prefers a Hello Kitty or pink butterfly donut over a football one.

After brunch, Alex opened presents that the family had brought. He got all kinds of cool things, including a Cars recordable book read by Grammy and Poppa, a Buzz Lightyear laser gun, and an awesome custom made "board" game that B and Grampa conceived of and constructed.

Tim and I also got the boys a mini trampoline that they can jump on inside. We're hoping it will provide minutes of entertainment for the two of them. Cousin Charlee gave it a whirl for a few minutes herself.

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and trying to stay cool, and Isaac showed Grampa his popsicle-eating prowess.

Fun times were had by all. Alex's second birthday party, coming up next...


Mrs. Fellers said...

Love that Alex wants a hello kitty donut! Sadie put a pink clip in Joe's hair today so that "he can be my sister." Great.

Katie Breshears said...

Love all the pictures of your family! It was so good to see you guys twice on our way through Texas. Have a great trip to Disney World!

Grandpa in Peoria said...

arrrgggh! I am going to hitch hike to Dallas while my thumb still works!