Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isaac turns ONE!

As previously posted, my sweet little baby boy turned one last month. We had a fun vintage surf-themed party in our backyard and invited our family and closest friends. I took some pictures, but things are always so frantic before (during and after) my parties that they never turn out the way I want, and I always miss things that I wanted to have pics of. But I did get a few good ones, so I decided to post a few of my favorites, followed by a slideshow with the rest.

Here is the invitation (front & back):

Welcome, surf dudes!

One of my favorite details about the party was this bunting I made with cute, vintage inspired fabric in beachy colors that I had planned to string up around the yard. Problem was, I didn't do a trial run, and the wind ended up funneling the cute fabric triangles into not-so-cute fabric tubes. The solution? My mom came up with the brilliant idea to secure each little triangle to the string with two little strings so the wind couldn't blow them around, then proceeded to tie each one herself. All 189 triangles. Times two strings. Now that's a good Granny.

I bought a big blow up pool, filled some smaller baby pools, and hooked up a good old fashioned Slip 'n' Slide to create our "ocean".

The "Snack Shack":

Party favors (surf-themed rubber duckies):

Some of the party guests:

And of course, the birthday boy, who loved having so many people around to celebrate him and loved his birthday cake!

One of my favorite pictures from the day:

It was a super fun party with friends and family and a great way to celebrate Isaac's first year. Here are the rest of the pics from the day.


vicki said...

What a fun, fun party - Can we do it again PLEEEEEEZZZZ

momboe said...

I second Grammy! Let's do it again!
I love the picture of all of us Grands with Isaac!

vicki said...

I love the pic too B - made it Bill's FB profile pic :)