Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Four Months: Bowl Full of Jelly

Four wonderful months of pregnancy have come and gone. I am now in my seventeenth week, and my week-by-week pregnancy book says that the baby inside me is about the size of my hand with the fingers spread. The recent growth of the fetus is evidenced by the recent growth of my waistline, which can be witnessed in the lovely rendering to your left. I'm a little apprehensive about posting this one because I'm not sure that it accurately depicts my growth up to this point (I look slightly smaller in the mirror). Oh well, close enough. In addition to monthly weighing and picture taking, I've also taken to measuring my waist, which has expanded to a vast 32 inches from what was once 26. Yikes!!

I honestly have to say that, of all my jiggly bits and physical flaws, a flabby belly was never really something I had to worry about. Which is what makes this extra bit of blubber all the more difficult to handle. I naively assumed that, as it began to grow, my belly would be of the firm and not-at-all-jiggly variety, just like all the other pregnant bellies I had encountered in the past. But apparently, this transition occurs at a much later point, as the womb needs time to cast organs aside and expand into the abdomen, filling it up and causing the belly skin to stretch over it tautly.

So needless to say, (and I have every confidence that I will regret making this statement) I am looking forward to being bigger and leaving this awkward Pillsbury stage behind. Until then, I will just take this minor discomfort in stride and learn to cope with the woes of having a doughy soft midsection. Hee hee.


leah said...

i am glad that picture got put back up cute!!!!

Oliver said...

okay, first of all, you are SO CUTE!! Second of all, EVERY pregnant woman goes through the "doughy midsection" phase, including me!'s called the "in-between phase"...the nice thing is that, to others, it doesn't look doughy. It just feels that way to you. But don't worry; in a short month or so, it'll be hard! I love the pregnant glow on you - this child is insanely lucky to have parents like you and Tim. We love you guys so much!! Can't wait to find out the gender of this little munchkin'!

Tracy said...

What I need to know is.......when this, my first grandchild, is born, will it be Osh Kosh bibs and Nike, or Isod button downs and Stride Rite? Will it be a soccer ball, a football, a basketball (Tim is tall), or a baseball (boring.....)? Will you read it (for lack of a better term), Tolstoy or Silverstein, Dr. Seuss or Dr. Ruth? Will it be reruns of Mr. Rogers or Chris Matthews of MSNBC? Must the urchin (for lack of a better term), eat the entire balanced meal in order to partake in a healthy dessert of assorted fresh fruit, or simply be required to chomp half the hamburger, most of the fries and two Mountain Dews in order to get a Dove bar to enjoy in front of the TV during reruns of Dynasty? These are important questions that demand answers! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!!!! AAAWWWW FORGET IT.......but don't forget that the best laid (sp?) plans can be laid (sp?) to waste by a kid with a mind of it's (for lack of a better term), own. (And they ALL have a mind of their own). Dad-- soon to be just plain Grandpa!