Sunday, January 28, 2007

Preggo Shout-Out: Robin Most

This shout-out goes to Robin Most, representing Rogers, AR (holla!). Robin has been married to a great guy named Brian for about two years now, and this will be baby numero uno for the excited couple. We met the Mosts when we joined a community group at our church, Fellowship of NWA. Luckily, our entire group hit it off right away and we all became fast friends.

The Mosts "little firecracker" is due around the Fourth of July - just days from when our baby should be arriving! In fact, if we were to assume the date we've calculated to be accurate (as opposed to the June 30th date that the clinic is suggesting) Robin and I might be delivering on the exact same day!

Robin and Brian will be great parents, and as long as Barkley and Mr. Kitty are on board, they should have no problems introducing their little one into their happy family. In fact, Robin (the "Embroidery Queen") already has a slew of adorable items ready to be monogrammed, so their baby will be sure to learn his/her name in no time. We are so excited for them and happy that we can share this experience together. Congrats and good luck Robin and Brian!

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