Saturday, January 20, 2007

Preggo Shout-Out: Kelly Cheshier

This shout-out goes to our good friends Jacob and Kelly Cheshier, representing Kingsport, TN. Jacob and Timothy have known each other since their Rock Solid days in El Dorado and have been great friends ever since. Kelly and Jacob have one darling little son named Ethan and will be welcoming another baby around April 4. This time, a baby girl will join the family! For Jacob's sake, we hope that she will quickly grow accustomed to the boyish nature of Cheshier family traditions (e.g. if she can dodge flying pieces of bonfire-propelled hominy can shrapnel, she'll be just fine). I am confident, however, that big brother Ethan will be more than willing to show her the ropes.

I'd also like to add that Kelly was a very adorable - and very fit - preggo the first time around. We visited the Cheshiers in Kingsport when Kelly was in her second trimester, and thought it would be a good idea to go hiking through the hills of Tennessee. We were hesitant knowing Kelly's condition, but quickly ate our words as Kelly proceeded to run circles around us non-preggos and made it to the top without even breaking a sweat. Mad props, Kelly!!

That being said, I'm sure Kelly is handling this pregnancy just as gracefully and is probably as adorable as ever. Good luck Kelly!!

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