Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Preggo's First Wedding

This past weekend, we traveled to Nacogdoches, TX, where Tim's cousin Brooke was getting married at Stephen F. Austin University. Other than Christmas, this would be my first real event as an "out of the closet" pregnant woman. Further, it was my first real venture into the world of maternity wear, as I was planning on donning a brand new maternity dress to the wedding.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, as were Brooke and Susan. Timothy sang two songs, delivering an inspired performance that earned many compliments. My new dress earned many compliments as well, although most of those were followed by the statement, "You really are pregnant." Apparently an empire waist does more to emphasize the belly than to hide it.

As we headed to the reception, Aunt Sylvia attempted to warn me about the dangers of wearing three inch heels while pregnant. She had a point, and I had to ask myself: Is it really worth having to suffer fallen arches and agonizing back pain for the entirety of my adult life to look cute for one single formal event? I immediately answered myself with a resounding, "Heck yeah" and sauntered into the reception hall atop my towering stilettos.

The reception was tons of food, I mean fun. And the food was good, too. There were four stations set up, each featuring a different course. The meat table had a roast beef carving station, there was a mashed potato bar, a cheese table, and la piece de resistance (that means "pregnant lady's favorite" in French), the chocolate fountain. I was so thankful to be out of my extremely selective morning sickness phase and was able (and willing) to eat everything offered. Oh, and cake. Did I mention cake? Another reason why maternity clothing was the right choice - lots of room to expand.

In addition to eating, we danced and chatted with friends and relatives. Timothy and his cousin Matt spent some time trying to decipher ultrasound pictures - to no avail, it seemed.

When the reception was over, we went to the hotel to change clothes and came back to the school to contribute to the clean up effort, which really just amounted to us "cleaning up" what was left of the chocolate fountain.

The night ended at Aunt Susan's house, where we played games and ate some more, before retiring to the hotel. The next morning, we ended our little adventure at the IHOP for a much needed pancake fix before heading back home to Fayetteville.


Oliver said...

Sarah, you are looking fabulous! Pregnancy quite becomes you, and I am SO glad you are feeling better!

Love you!

Laura Day said...

You look so good!!!

Auntie Rachel said...

Ok, the dress is still adorable. I love it with baby 2B showing so much. I wish I was there to watch the progress! I may just have to come visit a little earlier than expected for a "baby bump warm-up" shoot. It could give us good ideas for the "the alien is emerging" shoot.
Big Hugs,
Auntie Rachel (man, that's boring. I need a better auntie name!)