Monday, January 1, 2007

Preggo's First Christmas

Road Trip!! (skip ahead to Fetus' First Christmas for baby stuff)

So a couple weeks after the big reveal, my little bro Nick and sister Rachel decided to embark on a short road trip that would eventually bring them to Fayetteville, where they would crash at our pad for couple of days before the four, well, five... er, six of us would caravan back up to Peoria, where we would all be celebrating Christmas together at our parents' house. After a quick stop in Champaign to pay homage to our alma mater and a short visit to Metropolis, Illinois - home of the famous Superman museum - the sibs made it to our house.

After my Christmas work party Friday morning, we piled into our respective vehicles, walkie-talkies in hand, and headed north. We decided no road trip is really complete without a stop at Lambert's, so our first leg ended in Ozark, Missouri, where we were assaulted by roll throwers and stuffed ourselves to the point of bursting.

The trip progressed without a hitch until we got to Springfield, IL, where Nick's van got sick and we had to pull over on the side of I-55 to try to make her feel better. Several phone calls to dad and two police officers later, we got back on the road and completed our trek without further incident.

Home Sweet Home (baby stuff, next section)

Got to P-town late Friday night. Saturday was spent shopping (a $263 stop at Motherhood Maternity in the mall left mom determined that, pregnant or not, she was going to start wearing maternity clothes on a regular basis. Cute and comfy clothes with stretchy, expandable waistbands - can you blame her?), watching movies, and eating.

We spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt Suza's, which was so much fun, as always. I got some good pregnancy and parenting magazines, of which Timothy took full advantage by torturing my poor, disgusted cousin Emily with the details of how to care for healing belly button and circumcision wounds. Good times.

Fetus' First Christmas

Finally, Christmas morning arrived, which leads me to the real reason why this entry is at all pertinent to a babyblog. Although there is no baby to benefit from gifts - nor will there be for six long months from now - baby 2B has already reaped the benefits of being a spoiled rotten grandchild/niece/nephew. We've taken the liberty of including some pics of fetus' first gifts. Auntie Leah, who apparently wants to make sure that 2B doesn't forget her face while she's gone, has customized an adorable onesie that made us bust-a-gut upon opening. This, in addition to a hilarious bib that I will most definitely use in public, were much appreciated.

2B also got his/her first rattle from my good friend and coworker Adela, a babyhood favorite of her adorable 2 year old Lathan; Rachel brought back a mini sarong from Hawaii that will be perfect for afternoons by the pool; Mamaw Meador contributed 2B's first stuffed animal - a super soft Gund teddy bear that Murphy really wants to sink his teeth into; $100 from Mamaw Evans was used to start baby's first savings account; a hand-made blanket from Lois Jones that she had promised to us long before we were even pregnant; and Timothy's crocheted baby blanket from Vicki that will be a fun keepsake to pass down.

Vicki also sent Timothy's baby book and some pictures that we spent a lot of time oohing and aahing and laughing and joking about, which led us to dig up my baby pics, resulting in more oohing and aahing and laughing and joking. At some point, we may attempt to scan some of the more embarrassing ones so that you all can anticipate what 2B might end up looking like.

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Thats gonna be one good lookin, well dressed, little ole' Evans' child!!!