Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday

Alex's birthday isn't for another week and already the presents are rolling in. Granny B sent him a present while Aunt Rachel was here, and as you can see, he is becoming more interested in the gift-opening process. Just in the nick of time!

B is dead-set on him having an authentic L'il Cowpoke-themed bedroom now that we are living in Dallas, an idea that I'm slowly warming up to. To that end, she got him this adorable vintage horse, which is really more of a gift to me since its a little more aesthetic than functional. It has a plastic body and a wooden base with little chewed-up wheels that some previous baby has already taken advantage of. A likes to pet it and drag it around and tries to ride on it, so he's only allowed to play with it under strict everything else.

Grammy and Poppa also sent him his gift early because if they waited to give it to him at his party, it would be the only thing we'd be able to bring back from Fayetteville. So when the giant box arrived, Alex was anxious to see what was inside.

And just what was inside?

Alex's very own giant armchair! He can climb in and out of it on his own, although we've spent so much time discouraging him from climbing on things that we've had to remind him that this chair is an exception. But once he's climbed aboard, he has no problem making himself comfortable.

Alex's Great-Grandma Mimi and Great-Grandpa Salim also sent him a gift, something that I've actually been wanting since he was born. Johnny's Trumpette socks! Don't know why exactly, but I love these things! I kind of have a thing for cute baby socks in general, and Trumpette socks in specific. Especially these manly hightop-style ones.

I don't know if they'll make him run faster or jump higher, but they sure do improve his ability to dance en pointe. From the look of things, Alex might have preferred the ballet slippers...

As if the socks aren't adorable enough, the box is t.d.f., too, with the cute graphic on the front and the stripes, and omigosh, the polka dot paper! I tend to get just as excited about the packaging of things as I do the actual things. It's the wannabe graphic designer in me, I guess.

The most recent thing he's gotten is a gift from my Aunt Kittra, Uncle Mickey, and cousin Mason. He's, like, totally into books these days, so he was very excited to get this electronic music book that plays songs when you turn the pages or press the buttons.

So I think he's pretty much set for his birthday. If he got nothing else, he already has a chair to sit in, a book to read while he sits in his chair, socks to keep his feet warm while he reads, and a horse to turn the pages.


Amy said...

OMG! The picture of Alex lounging in his chair drinking is the BEST! The name is perfectly centered! How did you get him to pose! He is a natural model. I love how A pets the plastic horse! The book looks adorable and I would like to have a pair of high top socks myself! We can't wait for his party.

leah said...

I am soooo ready for CornDogs b-day party!! WOOHOOO!!!