Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A visit from some bikers

Grammy and Poppa stopped by last weekend while out and about on their Goldwing. Sure, they're gonna see us this weekend at Alex's party in Fayetteville, but one week is, like, five weeks in grandparent time. And besides, Dallas is just down the street from El Dorado, so it's not like they went out of their way or anything...

Anyway, they got here Saturday night and we went out for dinner at a great fish place, aptly named Hook, Line & Sinker. Sunday morning, we watched some Nadal v. Federer at Wimbledon and Alex demonstrated his newfound love of tennis. For lunch, we took them to Pei Wei (pay-way), where Alex demonstrated how he can drink out of a kiddie cup like a big boy.

Grammy and Poppa left after lunch, and Timothy, Alex, and I headed home for post-lunch naps. We need all the rest we can get to prepare for this weekend's drive to NWA and the big birthday shindig. But not too much because there's still a ton to do before we leave. Who knew planning a one year old's birthday party would be such tedious work??!!

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