Friday, July 4, 2008

Post-dated post

OOPS! Like many things that cross my dysfunctional post-preggo mind, the thought that I needed to blog about my mom's birthday - now four days past - fell through the cracks, to rest in peace amongst other "forgotten" tasks, like hitting the gym, dusting the baseboards, and washing Tim's underwear.

Fortunately, that thought was revived this morning, apparently brought back to life by something in my dreams because when I woke up this morning and thought about blogging, I thought
Eeeeeekkkkk!!! I never blogged about B's birthday. I did, however remember to call and wish her a happy birthday on Monday, and we also got on the webcam so Alex could wish her a happy birthday himself. He appeared on camera wearing this custom outfit (aka Sharpie on a onesie) that said it all.

BTW, that big number FIFTY on Alex's shirt is a major typo. My mom's not a day past twenty-nine.

I have many pictures of Alex and B together, but this one is my all time favorite. So I will probably continue to post it every year. Or at least until a better one comes along.

Happy (belated) Birthday B!

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leah said...


Wow both of Alex's grandmas turning 50 the same ummm....sweet :-)