Friday, April 24, 2009

two words

A couple of days ago, Alex finally responded "love you" after many, many nights of me saying it to him before bed and getting no love back. I had to fight the urge to eat his adorable "love you"-spouting face, and instead, calmly praised him for a job well done, kissed him, and left the room. Where I proceeded to jump up and down and pee myself with excitement. Nevermind that he really doesn't know what those words mean. He loves me! He really loves me!!


grammy said...

Yeah, and talk to him on the phone and right before you hang up tell him I love you Alex and he responds "love you", oh my, it's a killer !!!!!!! Hugs and Kissess, kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses
P.S. Just in case you want to know why Grammy is up so early on a Saturday morning, Poppa and I are fixing to go ride our Goldwing. A much needed ride after the 15th !!!!!

Joy said...

LOVE it!!! Yay for you, getting to hear those sweet words :) And I'll bet he knows what they mean - maybe not exactly, but I guarantee he can feel the love, and I bet he understands it to some extent. I remember wondering that about Oliver, too. I can't even tell you how it melts my heart anytime I tell Oliver "I love you" and I hear "I love you too, Mom"... gosh, best ever! So yay to you, sweet mama - and what a cute boy you have...LOVE the "cheap labor" pics. That swimsuit rocks. Love you!

Amy said...

Oh...he knows!!! Trust me as a mother. Not only does he know but he will instantly learn how to use it to melt your heart just when you are about to rip his cute little head off for decorating your entire wardrobe with his and/or your art supplies.