Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009: The Big Day

We decided to go to church later than usual on Easter morning so that we could enjoy what the Bunny brought us, have a relaxed breakfast, and still have plenty of time for the five of us to get purdy and get to church while there were still seats available. Alex's contribution was to provide our early morning wake-up call because he was up and at 'em a few minutes before dawn cracked. All of us scored in the "what the Bunny brought" department, although Alex's various attempts to impress the Bunny apparently paid off because the kid hit the jackpot, blowing last year's haul out of the water. He found all sixty of his baskets (with a little help) and spent the morning playing with his new toys, books, and puzzles.

After breakfast, we got ready for church, took some family pictures, packed up the van, and made it to church in time to find a spot in the parking deck, get Alex to his Sunday school class, grab a cup of coffee, and find five empty seats in the Great Hall. Yeah, I was pretty impressed by us, too.
(Btw, you may notice a picture of Alex grasping a particular boyish body part in an ever-so-crude fashion. Allow me to explain. Lately, when he starts to pee, he will grab his crotch and say, "poo-poo", which apparently means, "hey guys, I'm going potty right now". We are hoping this is a sign that potty training is in our near future.)

I had prepared lunch before we left in the morning so it was ready to eat by the time we got home. Alex, however, tuckered out by the early rising and the basket finding and the candy eating and the Sunday school playing, started to fade in the car ride home, and didn't manage to stay conscious long enough to eat. So he napped while the rest of us ate and lazed around and took naps of our own. He woke up a miserable, sweaty mess, which was especially upsetting because we didn't leave enough time to get good pics of his Easter outfit before we left.

After he had recovered from his nap, I redressed him and took a few candid shots of him goofing around on the front porch in his Easter best. It wasn't until yesterday, as I was rummaging through his closet, that I realized I had forgotten all about the rad navy newsboy cap (or "hell-do", if you're a Telford) that I had bought to go with his outfit. Needless to say, I was devastated, although he still looked pretty dapper without it. What can I say, my kid's got style.

After Grammy, Chris, and Leah headed home, we spent the rest of the day laying around the house, playing with our new stuff, and eating way too much sugar-laden junk. The Easter Bunny was very conservative with the amount of candy that filled Alex's baskets, although he did fill the candy dishes with "all natural" bunny-shaped graham crackers interspersed with tiny jelly beans. Of course, only after Alex had picked out all the jelly beans did he start eating the "healthier" bunny-shaped graham crackers. Finally, Alex took a much-needed bath and played with some of the bath toys that the Bunny had left him.

Another Easter down. Holidays like this are just going to get more and more exciting now that Alex is starting to understand what is going on and can appreciate the festivities more. I am already imagining his excitement about this year's Neiman's Christmas Parade and wondering how he will react to Santa at the Arboretum and thinking about how much fun he'll have at Halloween...that reminds me, I still haven't decided on his costume this year, and people are already asking me what it will be. One holiday at a time, people. One holiday at a time.

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