Monday, April 27, 2009

wakey wakey doorknob shakey

As of three days ago, Alex no longer lies patiently (or impatiently) in his bed in the mornings. Whereas I used to let him marinate in his bed for as long as possible, slowly working my way into consciousness as he fell in and out of sleep, rising only when the sound of his mom-meeee!!s became too pitiful to ignore, now he hops out of bed the instant his eyelids pop open and heads straight to the door of his bedroom, where he rattles his doorknob until the sound becomes too irritating to ignore.

It wouldn't be such an issue if he would just play quietly in his room or read a book or put away his own laundry until I came in to get him. Or, if he insists on rattling his doorknob seconds after he wakes up, the least he could do is wake up at a reasonable hour, say, sometime LATER THAN 5:52AM. Yes, I awoke to the sound of that obnoxious rattle at 5:52 this morning and had no choice but to drag my half-conscious body to Alex's room, where I opened the door, prepared to give him a piece of my mind, until his bright and shining face greeted me with a huge grin and a jubilant, "Hi Mommy!" Yeah, that's just great, kid. How am I supposed to yell at you now?

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