Thursday, April 23, 2009

ways to wear out your toddler

Today was a busy, fun-filled day and I have little to show for it except for a couple of pictures and a few words.

We are members of the Dallas Zoo, and now that the weather has warmed up (86 degrees yesterday, 86 today, 81 tomorrow), I would like to start going at least once a week. I took A this morning, and we spent over an hour just at the Children's Zoo. Alex loves to pet the bunnies, play on the playground, and now that it is warmer, he loves to take his shoes off and splash through the water that runs through a little creek around the playground. Plus, there are so many hyper-active ankle-biters wreaking havoc that he can run amok and still be the most well-behaved kid there. I rarely have to tell him "no", except for the times when he tries to feed the sheep his fingers or bangs on the bunny cage or attempts to climb into the pigpen. I think the latter was his subtle way of letting me know that he feels perfectly at home in a pigsty.

We decided to get lunch from the zoo cafe, where a corn dog will run ya twelve dollars plus tax. Oh wait - you get 10% off if you are a member, so I guess it's more like ten and change. Needless to say, Alex and I ended up sharing a kids' meal . And I use the word "share" lightly because my portion of the meal consisted of half a bag of chips and two bites of corn dog. Alex, on the other hand, wolfed down an entire corn dog (minus two bites), a bag of animal crackers, a cup of milk, and a handful of chips. I should have known better than to share with him, little piglet that he has become. On Tuesday, after we came back from the grocery store, he ate three Eggo waffles - still frozen - and a handful of grapes before I even got the groceries into the refrigerator. Some might say he is going through a growth spurt. I think a call to Overeaters Anonymous is in order.

I don't know if you noticed, but I have this unhealthy compulsion to document every second of Alex's life, as if the very future of this planet hinges on whether I can produce a picture of Alex shoeless, in a green shirt, picking his left ear with his eyes half closed. Which is why I promised myself that I would enjoy this trip to the zoo as it was happening instead of watching it all through a camera lens. Of course, I still took my camera with me. You know, for an emergency. Thing is, although I was trying my hardest to enjoy Alex giggling and splashing in the water and feeding the sheep his fingers, all I could think about how I wasn't taking any pictures of Alex giggling and splashing in the water and feeding the sheep his fingers. But I managed to practice some restraint, and the only time I pulled my camera out was while we were eating lunch...which is why I have seven pictures of Alex eating lunch.

Tim has a work thing in San Antonio for a couple of days and was still at the house when we got back from the zoo. After sad goodbyes, Alex practically begged me to put him to bed, where he took a three hour nap, then we had a playdate in the park with one of his classmates. Alex was in bed and asleep by 7:37 tonight, and here I am, at 8:24pm, struggling to keep my eyes open as I type this. It seems as though we totally wore ourselves out today. I am looking forward to a busy summer and many more long naps and early bedtimes. Yay for fun and sun!

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grammy said...

Hey sounds like a fun filled day. Glad to see everyone is back to feeling good. Tell Alex to save one of his trips to the zoo for when Grammy and Poppa can come !!!!!!