Tuesday, October 20, 2009

September '09

This post has been "in the works" for over a month now, and while it still isn't anywhere near finished, I'm so behind on posts that if I don't post it now, it will probably never happen. That said, the pictures will have to do most of the talking because it is short on words, which is fine because I think most of you prefer my pictures over my words anyway. Here goes!


Favorite phrases:

Oh well...(along with a shoulder shrug)
Let's see...(while tapping one finger to his lip)
no...no...YES! (I have a video to put this phrase into context, which I will upload...someday...)
Stop it, Mom.
I sorry, Mom.
Come on, Mom.
No talking please. (directed towards his parents)


Favorite song(s):

-Baa Baa Black Sheep (the Raffi version with five verses, including "Moo Moo Brown Cow, Buzz Buzz Busy Bee, and Cluck Cluck Red Hen")
-The Alphabet Song ("Sing letters, Mom!")
-Happy Birthday
-Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (sung while jumping on the bed, obviously, and complete with repeated headbanging into a pillow whenever a monkey bumps his head)
-the Arkansas fight song



Favorite books:

-Big Book of Things That Go
-The Little Engine That Could (by Watty Piper)
-Adventures of the Little Red Train

Favorite movies: Cars, Ratatouille

Favorite TV show:
So You Think You Can Dance (yes, still), Sesame Street, Ni Hao Kai Lan

Favorite foods: mac & cheese, broccoli, grapes, chicken (in any form), Pop Tarts, applesauce, pancakes

Favorite toys: Magnadoodle, Matchbox cars, his trains and train table, DJ station, puzzles





Favorite pastimes: doing his alphabet flashcards (I kid you not, he asks to "play letters" at least three times a day), eating snacks, crafting with his mom (my two-year old knows how to operate a Cricut die cut machine and can recognize the Cricut logo from fifty yards away), helping with housework and cooking, kicking his big red ball around the house, playing hide'n'seek, singing, doing puzzles (he's really good at puzzles!)





Our favorite things about Alex:

How he loves to make up songs about random things. Here's a typical conversation when we are singing songs at bedtime:

A: Sing apple juice!
Me: I don't know the apple juice song.
Me: I don't know that song. How does it go?
A: (sung to a random melody) Apple juice...Apple JUUUUUICE!!!, apple juice...aaaaaapple JUICE!! Apple juuuuuuuiiiice...Apple Juuuuuuuuuiiice!!
Me: Duh

I mean, the kid is a lyrical genius. And apple juice isn't the only random thing that earns a song. He loves to sing about washing things, maybe more than anything else, so anytime he's washing his hands or the floor or a table, he sings, "Wash wash WAAAAAASHHH!! Wash WASH WAAASSHHH!!! Wash WASH wash!!!"...you get the picture.






His increasingly hilarious prayer requests. Last night, it was, "Thank you for Bible, thank you for Jesus, thank you for mac & cheese, thank you for pasta, thank you for noodles, (and last but not least) thank you for apple juice. Amen." Yeah, the kid loves his carbs.









And there are oh so many more things we love about this child, but I just haven't the time to list them all. Hopefully October's post will be more accurate and thorough, although I'm so far behind now, I probably won't get to October's post until March...


vicki said...

Thanks for many, many great pics - But I know I'm not just speaking for myself but we love your words !! If you do find some spare time, you've got to share w/everyone "happy face", "sad face", "mad face", "funny face" and best of all "poker face" !!!!!

Grandpa in Peoria said...

My grandson........

momboe said...

I might have to make a necklace out of the picture where he is pointing to his bum.ahahhahaaaa.a.a.
Need to teach him Singing in the Rain!
He is growing so so fast. I love all his expression changes.
Another great post.