Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chicago: Restin' at the Westin

Any woes Alex might have had during the last few minutes of the plane ride completely disappeared when he saw who our chauffeurs were. He could not have been more excited to see his B and Grampa. We headed straight to our hotel to check in, and A was elated to find out that B had brought him presents, including some books and a top with a big base that he could spin himself.







And just when Alex thought things couldn't get any better, Uncle Nick showed up at our door. He ADORES his Uncle Nick, watches everything he does, tries to get his attention and impress him whenever possible.




We couldn't come to Chicago and not have Chicago-style pizza, so we ordered two of the fattest pies I've ever seen from Giordano's and had them delivered to the hotel.



The wedding was that afternoon at five, and we were hoping A would get a good nap in before then, so we kicked my family out and tried to coax A to sleep. That plan failed miserably, and he didn't end up falling asleep until 2:30, which meant we had to wake him up an hour later to get ready. So annoying, since we knew he was exhausted after getting up at 3am and again at 5. He was pretty crabby when we woke him from a dead sleep, and I kindly reminded him that, if he had gone to sleep when we asked him to, he would have gotten a great, long nap instead of short one. Sigh.


grammy said...

No, no, Sarah, you can't stop now, the story is just getting good - please, please don't end there !!! I love the pics of Alex and B reading on the bed so cuuuuuttttte

Joy said...

Um, I love the pics of that pizza...yuuuummmmmm :) Also love the pics of Uncle Nick and Alex. Cute cute.