Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chicago: Sight-seeing

Mom and Dad met us at HOB when we were done with our brunch, and we did a little sight-seeing. It's a good thing we were wearing our walking shoes because we toured halfway across the city...Oh wait, I was wearing the platform sandals I got on sale from Target, the ones with the six inch heels and the "upper made from manmade materials", which translates to "upper that rubs a giant hole in my left pinky toe". So I didn't plan too well. But I looked cuter than all of the practical shoe-wearing folks trudging around downtown Chicago in the rain, so it was totally worth it.

Alex got to wave to the people taking tours on the lake, which ended up being about six or seven boatfuls of tourists.





But his favorite part was going over the bridge. The kid is crazy about bridges, ever since watching a certain wretched train movie where the bad train goes over the bridge and falls into the water and floats away on a barge. He hasn't seen that movie in months and months, and yet he still refers to it whenever a bridge is in sight.






Mom and Dad were taking the L back to Nick's apartment so we could take A back to the hotel for a nap, so we walked them to the station, where A got to watch real live "choo-choos" zipping by overhead. Little did he know he'd be riding one of those choo-choos by the end of the day...


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