Saturday, July 31, 2010

well-overdue shameless promotion

Because raising two boys, cooking, cleaning, blogging, running errands, and operating an Etsy shop (did I mention that I am the speaker coordinator for MOPS this year?) aren't enough to keep me busy, I have recently started designing stationary for a great website called Paperbox Press. Jill, the owner, is a fabulous woman that I originally did business with through Etsy, and a few months before Isaac was born, she asked me to submit designs for her site. It is actually the perfect arrangement for me because I love the design process but I don't particularly love reproducing and editing existing designs. In this case, I submit designs, Jill takes care of the rest, then we both profit when things sell.

That's where you come in.

We want to sell more things, and in order to sell more things, we need people to buy them. And you are people! And you people know other people! So if you are so inclined, we'd love if you would pass the name "Paperbox Press" and the website,, to everyone you know (and people you don't know, we're fine with that, too).

The site offers all kinds of stationary and photo cards, and I have designed everything from baby shower invitations and birth announcements to birthday party invitations and thank you notes (my work will be listed under Chachke Designs - you can find the designer when you click on an item). Here are some examples of my designs that have been featured:

In fact, right now Jill is running a promotion on Facebook where you have 3 chances to win a $40 gift certificate on items from her shop. I happen to be a crotchedy old fart when it comes to Facebook, so I tried to post something about it but I'm not sure if I did it right. But I know most of you are a lot hipper than I am, so I'd be forever grateful if you'd stop by and enter the contest when you aren't busy catching up with your peeps. It ends on August 5, so don't miss out!

(And while you're at it, you can say a little something about Chachke Designs at Etsy, too. I recently reopened my shop and have already gotten more orders than I know what to do with, but I'd rather turn work down than not have enough, ya dig?)

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