Thursday, July 15, 2010

Isaac... a great sleeper. I know how dangerous it is to assume that the first few weeks with a newborn is any representation of what it will be like over the following months (e.g. blog posts during Alex's first ten days of life included comments like, "he really seems to enjoy lying around", "he is a pretty laid back dude", and "he is rather low maintenance"). But for now, I am just thanking my lucky stars for every minute I have with a kid that just falls asleep when he's tired. I still wake him up for most of his meals, day and night, and he often sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night...which is all great, except for the fact that he is too lazy to nurse well, which has led to me having to pump and bottle feed and supplement with formula. Even then, it often takes an hour or more for him to finish a bottle, so the nights tend to stretch on despite his good sleeping habits.

Nonetheless, as far as mothering a newborn goes, this first month with my little laid back dude has been cake. I would absolutely classify him as an "easy" baby, and if I could think of a word that means, "easier than easy", then that's how I'd describe him. I don't know if it will stick or for how long, and while it's in my nature to assume that such things are too good to be true, I'm trying hard not to anticipate the day that his head spins around and he vomits pea soup in my general direction. How's that for cautious optimism?

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Mrs. Fellers said...

What is your secret?!?!? I've got to be doing something wrong to have such a high maintance baby, right?? While things are getting easier, cake it is NOT!