Thursday, July 15, 2010


Isaac got his first spot cleaning the week after he was born, and of course it was a family affair. As anticipated, he cursed us loudly for undressing him (this child hates being cold more than anything else in the whole world), but once we laid him in the tub of "probably too hot for most babies" water, he calmed down and enjoyed every second of his bath...right up until we took him out of the warm water and he was naked again.

Them's the breaks, kiddo, ya cain't git clean with yer clothes on. Luckily he got warm and got over it. He's had several baths since his cord fell off (to be pictured, eventually...the bath, not the cord falling off*), so he is officially the owner of a clean squeaky clean body and a bonafied belly button. Two cheers for a funk-free baby!

*If you ask me, the three grossest things about baby boys are (in no particular order): fontanelles, plastibells, and the process of umbilical cord detachment. I guess it's better than that dried up black thing hanging from his stomach the rest of his life...probably not great for one's social life...although it might be a hit at parties...or show-and-tell...

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