Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Daddy

On Wednesday, Timothy and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary, and in honor of my wonderful husband, I am going to blog about his 31st birthday that took place almost a month ago. I know, I know, I'm an amazing and thoughtful wife, I really go above and beyond, I should be sainted, yada yada yada...but it's the least I could do.

Timothy's birthday was on July 20th, and Vicki, being the awesome mom, mom-in-law, and Grammy that she is, came up to Dallas to celebrate and watch the boys. Tim and I went to dinner at Shinsei and saw Inception at the IMAX theater, and it just happened to be my first time doing either of those things. Dinner was great and so was the movie, although for the first ten minutes I was pretty sure I was going to get vertigo and end up writhing on the floor of the theater in fetal position.

Timothy had to work on his birthday, so the plan was for Alex and Grammy to bake him a surprise birthday cake while he was gone...but that morning, Alex kept telling him that they were going to bake him a surprise birthday cake, so the cat was pretty much out of the bag.

Now, I like to cook, but I really do not enjoy baking - the whole "following directions" thing just ain't my bag. So I was very happy that Grammy was here to take on the birthday cake project. And Alex loves to help out in the kitchen, so he was very excited, too. If I dare crack an egg without asking him to help, my eardrums pay dearly for it. And believe it or not, Alex is an awesome egg-cracker. I kid you not, I get shells way more often than he does.

As much as he loves baking, his favorite part is licking the batter off the spatulas. Not that I can blame him. Frankly, that's the only reason I bake.

When Daddy got home, he was greeted by two beautiful boys, a handmade birthday card, and a delicious cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you had a good one.

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Rachel said...

Happy happy belated birthday Tim! And happy anniversary you two! (a little less belated)