Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 months

Little Isaac Evans is two months old as of 3:44pm today, and he is just as sweet as the first day we met him.

He is so laid back, sometimes I wonder if he really belongs to me. Then I realize he might've inherited more from his dad than just his dashing good looks.

We are just starting to get to know him because he basically slept the first month of his life away, which to be honest, was just what I needed considering the amount of energy Alex is requiring these days. He isn't as expressive or vocal as Alex was (what kid is...!!?), but he has definitely started to reveal his personality.

Everyday, he coos a little more and has a little more energy than he did the day before. When he gets excited, he yells and waves his arms around and pumps his legs up and down.

I spend much of the day staring at him and whispering sweet nothings. Partly because I love him to death and partly because talking to him elicits some of the sweetest grins and giggles a child has ever produced.

He is happiest when we engage him, he loves to be talked to, and I swear he responds more to the words, "I love you" than anything else. He especially loves to watch his big brother, and his big brother loves to entertain him with his goofy faces and sounds. Alex is so ready for his little brother to be able to play with him, and I am so looking forward to that day.

He is so chill and happy and is about as low maintenance as a newborn can get. Not a day goes by that Tim and I don't look at each other and shake our heads, like, Is this kid for real?

He still sleeps well, although he puts up a little more of a fight than he used to and is taking shorter naps during the day (his brother-who-never-speaks-at-less-than-6000-decibels could shoulder some of the blame...).

But he LOVES his swing and will nap for hours in it if I let him, and lately, he has been sleeping through the night. He often goes to bed around 8 and will sleep until 5am, give or take 8 minutes, then we have a little bit of alone time before he goes back to sleep for a few hours. Otherwise, he gets up once during the night and goes back to bed, then wakes up later in the morning. All things considered, I have nothing to complain about in the sleep department. Thank you Jesus.

He still loves bathtime, although he hasn't fallen asleep in the tub in quite a while. We have now added baths to our regular bedtime routine, not for the purpose of relaxation, but to remove the ever-present funk of rancid formula spit-up that always emanates from my poor, pukey child.

Alex has been a high-maintenance child since birth, but there's one thing I don't take for granted about him - he was a clean baby. He rarely spit up, and I can count the number of blow-out diapers he's ever had on a single hand. Isaac, however...I just knew that that chances of having another clean child was slim to none, and Isaac certainly didn't blow that expectation. I am SO not used to having a child that spits up, which Isaac does frequently and voluminously. I'm often wondering, Is this normal?

I suppose I'll have to cut him some slack considering he is such an easy baby the rest of the time. He loves nothing more than to be cuddled, and if I had the time, I'd spend most of the day doing just that.

He eats well, generally 4-5 ounces 7 times a day. He is starting to outgrow some of his 0-3 onesies, mostly because he is so long in the torso that they won't snap in the crotch without stretching the neck out. I wouldn't call him fat (don't let the 3 spare chins fool ya) because he doesn't really have rolls like a fat baby usually does. I think the word "sturdy" is a more accurate descriptor. His 2 month appointment is tomorrow morning, so we'll see how he officially measures up.

I really can't say enough good things about this kid. I want him to stay exactly the way he is forever and ever, and yet I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for two great months, sweet child o' mine.


vicki said...

I get to work - open my computer and look what I find :::::))))))) Oh my I can't believe this is the same child. I have never seen one change so much in such short of time and how grown up he is. Gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, the list goes on and oh how I love the one of the two of them together. Can't wait to get my hands on them in 26 hours, 37 minutes and 14 seconds. Hugs and kisses !!!!!!!!

momboe said...

Ditto Grammy except I'm just dreamin' of giving those two cuties hugs and kisses! Hug their little behinds for me too. The picture of the two of them is now of course our desk top picture! I need a bigger brag book!
Keep them blog posts coming!
Granny B

Leah Riley said...

aaawwwww! I know you have a spoon sitting around so you can eat him up! =) I wanna get my hands on them too...cant wait to see yall! Hopefully Charlee will let me set her down long enough to get to hold Isaac =)

Joy said...

"is this normal?"...ummmm, have you MET Sullivan Primm??? I can assure you that voluminous amounts of spit-up is, indeed, normal. Completely disgusting, but nontheless normal. Sigh.

SWEET baby boy!!! Love hearing more about him, and love seeing the pics of him and Alex together! Love how they are their own person. Sweet, sweet, sweet! xo

momboe said...

I had to check out the pictures again. Wow! I've never seen such a photo friendly baby! I think Alex must have coached him saying- hey- you might as well give her what she wants now or she'll just keep clicking and clicking and...