Saturday, August 7, 2010


Alex got some great new cowboy duds for his birthday from Mimi and Papa Sam (my grandma & grandpa, his greats), and the other day, he insisted on trying everything on. Unfortunately, they forgot to include a pair of Wranglers, so he ended up prancing around the back yard like the Half Naked Cowboy.

As if that weren't bad enough, this is the pose he struck when I told him to stop acting goofy and start being serious because cowboys are tough, and they don't make silly faces.

Notice the manly pointed toe. I'm pretty sure John Wayne is rolling over in his grave.

Allegedly he was just trying to show off his new kicks.

Now them's some boots. Eventually he was done modeling the latest in Texas fashion, and he walked off into the sunset.


momboe said...

Now THESE are definitely going in the high school graduation projector presentation when he graduates...right?
(yes, it's pictures like these that insures you will have the best behaved teens in town! Should I post your cheerleader pic when you were 3?)

grammy said...

Now this should be titled "Lock Up Your Girls" !!!!!! Luv, Luv Luv it.