Monday, June 4, 2007

Drumroll Please...

Despite the many views to the contrary, Alex has yet to officially drop. I had an appointment with Mari this morning, and after being weighed (up 1 pound since last time) and having my blood pressure taken, Mari arrived with a nursing student. Mari's first comment to me was "My, you look pretty today" - this woman has obviously spent a lot of time around emotionally charged and body conscious preggos. After the nurse measured my uterus (37cm) and listened to Alex's heartbeat (beating), Mari had to perform a strep test, the details of which I will not divulge except to say that it created conditions conducive to me being "checked". As expected, I have not dilated at all yet, and she was able to tell that Alex was head down, but that he was not yet engaged (i.e. locked and loaded in standard birthing position). Hopefully he continues to head in the right direction over the next few weeks!

Of all the things to be worried about at this point, my only real concern is that Timothy will not make it down from KC in time to participate in the fun-filled experience of early labor and possibly the delivery itself. So I talked to Mari about the option of inducing before the due date to better predict when Timothy would need to be here so as to not miss the birth of his first child. As much as I hate the thought of having to be induced, it does ease my mind to know that I may be able to ensure that Timothy will be here when I want (need) him to be.

Mari will be out of town for the rest of the week, so fingers (and legs) crossed, Alex will not decide to make an appearance four weeks early!

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