Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sincerest Apologies

It has been brought to my attention that some people are quote-unquote addicted to this blog and that they have been sorely disappointed by my efforts as of late to keep them fully informed of my progress, activities, and general state of being. For that, I am truly sorry, and I will do my best to keep you, my fans, up-to-date and in the know of all of my goings-on.

That said, allow me to divulge the details of my weekend. My good friends Katie and Amy had a joint birthday soiree Friday night, so when Tim got home Friday evening, we went to Katie's house for a cookout that included Amy's gourmet shrimp and chicken kabobs and birthday cake courtesy of Rick's Bakery (hubba-hubba).

Friday was a rather late night, so we slept in Saturday morning (8 am!), then laid around the house, ate breakfast, napped, and laid around some more. We got my dad a webcam so that mom and dad would be able to "watch" Alex grow despite being hundreds of miles away, so we spent Saturday afternoon downloading software and setting up the cameras so that they will be ready for action whenever this baby should decide to arrive. We also made sure that Tim's family's webcam is in working order so that they too will be kept in the loop. Now, we just have to focus on how we will prepare Alex for his small screen debut. The stylists are working on his wardrobe and we are going to use baby sign language to help him learn his scripts. We just know he will be a star...

By Saturday night, I was completely stir crazy and insisted that the three of us get out of the house for a bit, so we went to Tim's Pizza for dinner (and all had salads in lieu of pizza - is that weird?) then went to see Evan ALMIGHTY at the movies. Not exactly Oscar worthy, but it was a cute flick. Plus it was an excuse to have popcorn and Junior Mints for dessert.

We figured seeing a movie based on Noah's Ark the night before excused us from church the next morning, so instead of heading up to Fellowship, we dragged Mom to La Maison for breakfast
(just kidding, God. Please forgive us for skipping).

After running a few errands, we went back to the house to recover. Mom and I had some good belly laughs watching Timothy struggle to inflate the exercise ball that will be in my bag o' tricks for the delivery.

As we were discussing dinner plans, Kara called and invited us to an impromptu get together at her house, so we finished up Tim's laundry and headed to the Reeves' for what was likely to be the last hoorah with the crew before the babies get here. We had lots of fun and good food - we finally got to watch the Brian Regan stand-up that I had neglected to Tivo (hil-arious) and mom even broke her rule about taking pictures of inanimate objects without people in them (she took a picture of the food, just so she could send it to dad and rub his nose in it).

Yay for good friends! We can't wait to see everyone again - hopefully at the hospital...


leah said...

Yeah for a blog! I thought I was going to have to drive mom up there so she could find out for herself what all has been going on!!! You still look so cute and little-------well minus the big Alex belly!! :) Cant wait to see you......cause that means you will be in the hospital!!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!! Have I mentioned that I cant wait?????

Weems World said...

I must admit that I am checking the blog every time I log on just to see if anything has happened yet-so thanks for the new post:)

Oliver said...

apology accepted. thank you for posting :) hows your week?