Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pancakes, Pools, and Pedicures

Since Mom and I spent the entire day yesterday eating chocolate cake and watching the Project Runway marathon, we decided to get up at the crack of dawn and head to Wilson Park to get some exercise.

We made it all the way around the park once (hey, it's a big park!!) and decided that all that exercise earned us breakfast at the Village Inn. Maybe it's not the most logical move to follow a workout by the consumption of sugary maple syrup and home fries, but again, a preggo's gotta eat!

We are hoping to make it to the pool this afternoon as long as the weather holds out. Until then, we may begin implementing some techniques that might help get the ball rolling on this baby thing.

For the curious at heart, here is the list (in no particular order) of the various activities that friends and family have suggested to "naturally" induce labor:
  • walk, walk, and walk some more
  • rock in a rocker (when walking becomes too tedious)
  • take primrose and raspberry tea in the evening (iced)
  • "do the thing that got you in this predicament in the first place..."
  • order the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer from Bonefish Grill (or consume anything else spicy)
  • get a pedicure (supposedly feet have pressure points that can trigger contractions)
  • drive over railroad tracks at 60 mph
  • clean out closets and cabinets (nesting in general)
  • pack your hospital bag(s)
  • make a big mess (babies tend to come at inconvenient times, like when you've made a big mess and don't have time to clean it)
  • chase storms (changes in barometric pressure can affect labor)
  • show your belly to a full moon (next full moon is June 30th!!)
  • pray, pray, and pray some more
So that's the list I will be working from - hopefully something will take. In fact, the plan for tomorrow is to walk in the morning, then Mom, Joy, and I will be getting pedicures before heading to Bonefish Grill for Bang Bang Shrimp. With any luck, we'll be bringing home baby by Saturday morning...

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