Thursday, June 7, 2007

No Rest for the Preggo

What is the deal with people that expect pregnant woman to relax, pamper themselves, take a load off, etc.? What preggo has time to relax? And if you happen to find her, please ask if I can borrow her personal assistant for a week or two.

For example, my typical visit with Mari usually ends with the instructions to "Lay off the salt and keep your feet up," followed by my well-intentioned but totally bogus response of, "I'll try." I know good and well that the only time my feet will be up is when I'm asleep. There's too much to do! I've been more active since I got pregnant than I was before, what with rooms to decorate, a house to clean, baby showers to attend, baby stuff to buy, baby stuff to return - the list could continue ad infinitum. Not that I would have it any other way. Despite enumerable urgings from friends and family who insist I take complete advantage of anyone willing to help out, I really hate to be catered to and would prefer to do things myself. Yes, I'm one of those. Which is ironic because, as a kid, I was a (self-appointed) spoiled brat who loved nothing more than getting people to do things for me. I guess I've outgrown those tendencies - or maybe I just enjoyed the challenge and subsequent victory that went with bossing people around and actually getting my way. Now it's too easy - people are volunteering to be bossed around by me. What's the fun in that?

Anyway, point being, until my fat, swollen ankles cause me to be confined to bed rest (it looks like I'm baking bread in my shoes), I will probably continue to run around like a (pregnant) chicken with her head cut off.


leah said...

Hey dont you worry. While Im there next week, I promise not to let you sit and rest. You better work, work, work!! OH wait, no thats what I'll be doing all week for you, so you should have plenty of time to prop those feet up!!!! Ive already printed out all the numbers to my top favorite restaurants so I can have a hot meal on the table every night! And the cleaning lady is scheduled to come wednesday :) See you tomorrow!

Amy said...

I feel like I just won the jackpot! I'm the first to comment and possibly "read" your blog today as I was on the computer when you posted! Yiiippppiiiieee!
Girly, if you think THIS is just wait until little Alex fills your every thought and moment! Then multiply that by the number of children...This is why mothers KNOW miracles happen. Just to make it through the day dressed and anywhere near on time is a miracle.
And I'm sure your little muffin top feet are darling in beautiful little shoes!
Take these people up on their offer to help!!! It's take thousands of years to develop the help the preggo attitudes. Don't ruin it for the rest of them by playing "Super Preggo"!
Super Gramboe will be there to make sure you nap soon!
Kiss noise,

Amy said...

OH NO! By the time I posted "Flash Fingers" Leah had beaten me by 2 seconds!

Oliver said...

I agree with Amy's "super preggo" comment - will ya just knock it off? :) I'm one of those that particularly enjoys letting people do things for me when I'm pregnant, so I'm in slight confusion reading this blog :) You truly are super-woman - decorating every room in sight, including my husband's office, at 9 months pregnant. But here's what I have to say about all that - whatever makes you happy! Seriously, if you want to do all that stuff, and Alex is just fine, then have at it. Just don't wear yourself out to bad. You really do want to load up on your rest, because life is about to CHANGE!! Love you girl - looking forward to playing with you and Leah.