Monday, June 18, 2007

Friends and Family

So today is officially the last day that I will be alone. Forever. Regretfully, Leah left Saturday morning and headed back to Eldo. She was a very good babysitter and we had tons of fun together and I will miss playing with her. But she will back in a couple of weeks at the latest, although she will be playing with Alex at that point and not me. Guess I better get used to that...

Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for my friend Amanda (see Preggo Shout-Out: Amanda Simpson) while Timothy and Amanda's husband Brian went to the park together to keep the Simpsons' 125lb. bloodhound out of the shower punch.

After the shower, we drove up to Rogers and were fashionably late for the CG cookout at Bryan and Robin's house. After a great dinner, we just hung out, laughed at the babies, and played washers (which, I was informed, is the "redneck version of horseshoes". I said I didn't know that it got more redneck than horseshoes. Who knew?)

The game was quite competitive - it's so sad when something like a simple yard game comes between best friends.

But eventually the preggos were called in and it was all over.

We love getting together with these guys and can't wait until Alex can join in the festivities. He already has so many friends waiting to meet him (segue to gratuitous baby shots).

Timothy and I spent Sunday morning together and celebrated his first Father's Day with breakfast at one of his favorite joints, La Maison de Tartes. The Primms came over for lunch, under the pretense that we would watch the Brian Regan stand-up comedy show together that I had supposedly Tivo'd. Little did they know, the whole "comedy show" thing was just a ploy to get them to come hang out with us. Ha-ha, how clever are we?

Okay, so maybe I was supposed to Tivo it and they really were coming over to watch it, but instead, I forgot to save it and an episode of What Not to Wear bumped it off the list. Hey, blame the shrinking preggo brain, not me. Regardless of my embarrassing blunder, we had a great time and Oliver got lots of walking and dog-dodging practice in.

Timothy had planned to go back to KC last night, but I made the mistake of mentioning that I thought that Alex seemed to be in a noticeably lower position than he had been earlier in the day, and that there were other sensations that indicated to me that he have officially "dropped" into place. I could totally be wrong - and we'll find out on Wednesday if I am - but he felt compelled to stay the night and leave at the crack of dawn so that I wouldn't have to stay the night alone. What a good hubby he is and daddy he will be. The night was uneventful, so he packed the car at the crack of dawn this morning and headed to work.

Meantime, I have been ordered to strict bedrest for the duration of today, which, seeing as this computer is not in my bed, I have already disregarded. But other than doing some blogging, a couple loads of laundry, eating and using the bathroom, I have no intentions on breaking the rules. Fortunately, my mommy will be here this evening to take care of me, so I just need to make it one day without doing anything to induce labor...

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