Thursday, May 31, 2007

Preggo Shout-Out: Amanda Simpson

This preggo-shout out goes to Amanda Simpson representing Fayetteville, AR. Timothy clerked with Amanda's husband Brian at Friday, Eldredge and Clark in Little Rock last summer and Tim would always come home with stories about the awesome friends he had made, including this "Brimpson" character. I don't know how much actual work they got done while they were there, but they sure seemed to have taken advantage of the opportunity to "network". Fortunately for me, I also got a new friend out of the deal!

Amanda and I have had lots of fun bonding over the whole "my husband's in law school and doesn't that stink" situation, and now we get to bond over being preggo! Amanda is due on August 14 and they are also having a little boy, yet to be named. Timothy suggested Seamus McCaffery Simpson (we think they're gonna go with it, but they haven't made the official announcement yet). Brian just graduated from law school this year and will be working in Fort Smith, so they'll have a lot of big changes in the near future.

Congratulations and good luck Simpsons!!

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Weems World said...

Uhhh-I'm sure everyone's told you-but you've totally dropped in the last few posts-yipee for head engagement!
Love, Abbey