Sunday, May 20, 2007

Buck Wild

Man, we went to the wildest party yesterday. Being eight and a half months pregnant, it was probably a bit risky to partake in something like that, but even a preggo's gotta have her fun. The guests were pretty raucous - I'm talking cake throwing, crazy drink concoctions, pants-wetting, even a couple of fights had to be broken up. I think there might have even been some gang affiliations cuz a lot of the guests were wearing similar colors. Luckily it didn't get too out of hand, so no one called the po-po to break it up. And the really scary thing is, the guest of honor was a one year old. Geez, they start so young these days...

Ok, so it was just Oliver's first birthday party. But still, pretty crazy fun. Lots of fun people showed up and we had a great time. Joy had done a "camo" theme, which was genius. Timothy and I frequently don camo gear anyway
(army camo, not hunters camo- this is an important distinction to make), so it was nice to have an excuse. Plus I didn't have to go out and buy a new outfit, which I was okay with. . .

Friday night before the party, Timothy and I spent a good 45 minutes at Toys 'R' Us trying to pick out the most annoying toy guitar that we could find because one of the benefits of being the godparents and not the parents is that we get to buy the annoying toys but don't have to listen to them day and night (although we realize that this will probably come back on us tenfold, we can still enjoy it for the time being).

We had already decided on the drum because Oliver tends to turn most things into a drum anyway, but we thought it might be nice if he started on the guitar too. The Lord knows this child will be musically inclined, so we'd like to think that we made some contribution to his musical genius. Apparently the Reeveses and the Mosts didn't want us taking all the credit because they bought him guitars too. But hey, every good guitarist has to have at least two backups, right? Great minds must think alike, huh guys!!? But O really seemed to like the drum, so we were pretty excited about that.

What fun! We hung out for a bit longer to catch up with the crew, then headed home.

p.s. I took at least eleventy-million pictures, so please visit my Flick'r site if you're interested in some completely uncensored and never-before seen footage of O's party (aka Babies Gone Wild).

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leah said...

Okay so the fact that you have a post about O's birthday and Joy doesnt cracks me up!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!! Annoying toys??? oh yeah you just wait till "Auntie L" gets busy!!! See ya soon :)