Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Family, Friends and Stuff

Warning: an extremely busy weekend can and will result in an extremely long blog entry. Please feel free to read the proceeding narrative at your leisure.

Yay, what a fun weekend! My folks got in Friday evening and we grubbed at Hugo's, then headed back to the house to prepare for the eventful weekend ahead. My dad brought the changing table he built from scratch, which is freakin' awesome. Mom and I spent every free minute of the weekend finishing it - we stained and painted and sanded and varnished till we dropped. The end result is more perfect than I had even imagined and I can't wait 'till Alex gets to weigh in on it. (You are probably expecting a picture now, but I'm going to have to disappoint you. I have a few more things to do in the room, then I will take and share pics of everything, including an extensive set featuring the illustrious changing table.)

Robin was sweet and thoughtful enough to invite my mom to her shower, so Saturday morning, we hitched a ride with Joy and Oliver (mom and O shared some good bonding time in the back seat) and headed to Robin's party. It was a beautiful shower and so much fun. It's always great to have all the CG girls together, so we were sure to document the occasion.

It's especially fun to see fellow preggos like Robin and Shara - having someone to commiserate with about disappearing ankle bones is such a comfort. And again, having three preggos in the room almost always results in a Kodak moment.

And for those unnamed folks who love to compare the size of my preggo belly with that of other near eight-monthers, I have taken the liberty of including this picture as indisputable evidence that yes, I am officially humongous. (P.S. note the relative placement of the girl-carrying baby bumps to the boy-carrying one that I am sporting. There's a quite obvious difference, no?)

With all the pregnant ladies and baby showers and such, mom and I attempted to thwart an estrogen overdose by joining the boys Saturday night to watch the highly touted de la Hoya v. Mayweather boxing match on Pay-per-view. Although watching grown men pummel each other to bloody and swollen pulps is not generally my idea of an entertaining evening, the Golden Boy is pretty enough to make the whole thing a little less painful (pun intended). However, I was both awed and dismayed to discover that, at 5'-11" and 154 lbs., I actually weigh more than he does at this very moment. Ouch, now that hurts.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I was sooo excited for my shower and couldn't wait to get to Joy's to see all my friends. Fortunately the morning passed quickly as mom and I were up at the crack of dawn working on the baby's room, stopping with just enough time to get cleaned up for the shower. Vicki and Leah arrived in the Grammy Mobile, having made record time from El Dorado. The four of us were extremely giddy, and after posing for a few choice pics, we caravaned up to Lowell for the shower.

Joy's house looked awesome, starting with Kara's amazing diaper wreath at the front door (that I could kick myself for not capturing on film). The tablescape she had created was just as impressive. She handmade these fun white boxes with Alex's name on them in really bold and colorful (and totally me) graphic prints and filled them with fun antique toys. Even the food and flowers were coordinated. Yes, as sad as I am, I have come to terms with the fact that Kara has now earned the official "Ultimate Party Decorator" title that once was mine. Mad props, girlfriend!! And let's not forget about Joy who, in addition to opening up her home to my motley crew, made the most adorable party favors and to-die-for cupcakes. I spent most of the work day today daydreaming about those cupcakes. Mmmm, sprinkles.

After feasting for a bit, we sat down to open gifts. There were lots of gifts to be opened, and although it is probably not kosher to say so outloud, I have to admit that I was really excited for the part where we get stuff. I like stuff. I know, it's a flaw and so unChristian-like and so materialistic. But admitting that I have a problem is the first step, right?

My friends are all so generous and thoughtful and they donated tons of great things to Project Alex. Having so many friends with young children is such a blessing - they all know what you need, what you don't need, how many, how much, which one leaks, which doesn't. One of the best things about this shower was having mom there to see all of the new gadgets and stress-saving devices that are on the market today. Apparently a lot has changed since I was born. Speaking of which, one of mom's gifts to me was a journal that she kept, starting one month before my due date through my first year. I can't wait to dig into that and share some fun stories about my babyhood.

Anyhoo, it was a great shower in every possible way and it was so special that so many of my friends were able and willing to attend. Thanks a million to my friends, family, and especially my hostesses who made this such an awesome day.

The end of this awesome day consisted of dinner at Marketplace Grill (Chocolate Mess included), mom and I finally finding a super comfy and relatively inexpensive rocking chair after searching all over town for one, and some final touches on the changing table. Yay for a great day!!

Although my parents had to head back to P-town this morning and are already sorely missed, my woe will be short-lived as I will be heading home for my final shower. I can't wait to see my extended family who I haven't seen in real life since "the announcement". Another fun weekend awaits!!


Amy said...

Let's do it again!!! The weekend was sooooo much fun! I am so glad you have so many wonderful friends. I've never seen so many glamourous preggo gals in my life not to mention all the new moms that looked like they were ready to run the model's runway! How could I spend 6 hours with all those kids and not a peep or squeek from any of them!!! I kept trying to find the wind up key or batteries but everyone kept telling me-They are REAL babies! Thank all your friends for making me feel so welcome. Invite them all to P-Town to party with us at your shower this weekend!
Love ya,

leah said...

We had a great weekend...well actually day...with you guys! Loved meeting all of your wondermous friends!!! 2 showers down, one to go.....GO TEAM ALEX GO!!!! oh and by the way, I love "Gramboe"....great name!!!