Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eight Months: Muumuu for Me

Jeeminy, it's been eight months now and I can't believe how time has flown. As you can see, I'm bigger than ever - when I sit down, I feel like I've got marshmallows stuffed up under my ribs. I'm not sure whether it's my organs or baby parts or what, but it sure makes things more... interesting. Although I am attempting to maintain a minimum standard of stylishness and professionalism, most days I just want to throw on a muumuu and fuzzy slippers and head to work in comfort. If questioned about my wardrobe choices, I think I would just remind my boss that form should follow function. How could he argue with that?

We had another doctors appointment yesterday. I am not prepared emotionally to disclose how much weight I gained, but Mari and I both concluded that at least two pounds of it were in my ankles. Apparently everything I eat is laden with salt, and if I want to be able to lift my feet more than an inch off the ground, I will need to go on a water and low sodium turkey breast diet for the next eight weeks. But other than some minor cankle issues, everything seems fine. No ultrasound this time, but we did hear his heartbeat again. It seems that all is good in the baby growing department.

We are still working on Alex's room and I promise pics will be posted immediately upon completion. Patience, children...


Kittra said...

Oh Sarah it's all good, you look amazing!!! Can't wait to see ya sat.

Amy said...

Remember... if you want it...the baby must need it. It's natures way! Stressing about your diet is bad for the baby. I am sure there are complete societies that find full figured ankles sexy and it's about time ours did too. You show them cankles off with a smile and a batch of salty fries! See ya tomorrow!
Kiss noise,