Monday, May 21, 2007

All By Myself

So, Timothy left for Kansas City last night, leaving Murphy, Alex and I to guard the castle for the next few weeks. For those of you who don't know, Timothy earned a summer clerkship with a big firm called Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin (aka Blackwell). He'll be in the Kansas City office for six weeks then he'll finish up in St. Louis for the last two. It is a great opportunity to network and create job opportunities for after graduation. Plus he'll make mad cash, which doesn't hurt either.

I guess you're wondering how this will play in to the whole "having a baby" scenario. Well, here's how it breaks down. I am home alone this week, then Timothy's family will come pick me up and we will head up to KC for Memorial Day weekend. They will head back home on Monday and I will be on my own for the next two weeks, then Leah will head back up the following week to keep me company, chauffeur me around town, wait on me hand and foot, etc., etc. I figure she'll be sick to death of massaging my feet, brushing my hair, and cooking me dinner after about a week, so I will then relieve her of her duties and send her home.
That Friday will be my last day of work, then Timothy will come home that night and spend Father's Day with me and Alex. My mom will arrive on Tuesday and she and I will spend the next two weeks relaxing and pampering ourselves in order to prepare for the tedious work that will lie ahead.

Timothy will come home on Wednesday, June 27th (3 days before my supposed "due date") or when I call him and tell him I'm in labor - whichever comes first. Although he seems confident that Alex will hold out until that date or later, I am a little anxious about having to do the whole "giving birth" thing without him if little man decides to come sooner. Thoughts and prayers that he won't, 'kay folks?

Timothy plans on taking off two weeks around Alex's birth, which is why we'd prefer he spend that time taking care of the new baby afterwards as opposed to sitting around with a whiny, uncomfortable preggo waiting for her bag o' waters to break. That'd be no fun for anyone, including the whiny preggo. When Timothy heads back to KC, mom will stay with me and help out with the baby, followed by some combination of Vicki and Leah in the following weeks. The plan is for me to not be alone unless I want to be, which, I must warn all helpers, could be the case at some point. Tim should be able to come home on most weekends, so with that, a webcam, and this blog, hopefully he can remain in the loop as much as possible...


leah said...

Ummmm...I believe there are some points in here that Auntie L was not aware of. First of all, we know how well I can "cook"....your meals may be ordered out!! Secondly, umm feet?? I dont really do feet......that is what the fashion nails place is for! :) hehe j/k!! Auntie L is available for whatever..whenever!!!!!!! Cant wait to see you (and Alex)!! Yeah that Im off all summer and can come stay with you!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Gramboe to the rescue!! Can't wait to come play with Alex before and after he is born. For an overachiever you haven't caught on to the art of whining very well yet, but spend a little time with me....
I hate that you are spending even a minute alone but enjoy it while ya can cause I'm movin' in soon!
Can't wait!
Kiss noise,
Grandma 2B

Quinn said...

If you need some time alone, you can send those girls out to my house. Miss Quinn would love to see them again!