Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cryin' and Cruisin'

I had yet another appointment with Mari today. It was my very first visit to the clinic without Timothy. Here's how I felt about that:

But the appointment went really well. I actually lost a pound since last time I was there, which didn't concern Mari one bit because it just solidified the fact that I have the capacity to carry several gallons of water in my body at a time. Kinda like a camel, only I keep water in my ankles instead of on my back. She mentioned that I seem to have "blossomed" since the last time I was there. I took it to mean that I look humongous, but she reassured me that I was just the size I should be at this stage. As she put it, my uterus was measuring "beautifully". Way to grow, uterus!!

She asked if I would rather hear or see the baby, and since I figured he sounds pretty much the same as he did the last two times I heard him, I opted for the ultrasound. I even scored a couple of pics for Timothy to check out this weekend. I thought about posting them, but since he's so cramped in there, it's near impossible to decipher them in real life, let alone after scanning, shrinking, and uploading. Sorry to disappoint - y'all will just have to wait for the real thing!

As thankful as I am that things seem to be going well with me and the baby, I was especially thankful that I even made it to my appointment today consider my mode of transportation. I neglected to mention that Timothy "borrowed" the Altima this week so he would have reliable transportation to and from KC. I will be carpooling for most of this week, but due to today's appointment, I had to drive myself to and from Rogers in:

Boys and girls, can you say"ghetto"? Yes indeedy, that's duct tape holding that headlight in. I keep expecting Xzibit to show up and pimp my ride, but it hasn't happened yet...

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leah said...

Yeah that Baby Alex is growing!! I wish we knew how big he is :( As for the ghetto ride....ummmm...I am so sorry you had to ride around in that awful looking pimped up ride!!!! that is just awful!! I am however glad you were able to make it to Rogers and back! Thats impressive!!! And to think Tim wanted me to be seen in that here in Eldog! I dont think so!!!!! Dont fret though...one more week and you will doing much better in the car department. I have been working on cleaning out my car this week (yeah its taking a whole week) :) See you in 3 days!