Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

I mailed out a grand total of 110 thank you notes today. That means I bought, wrote, labeled, licked, and stamped 110 thank you notes over the last couple of weeks. And as tedious as that process was, it was completely dwarfed by the realization that at least 110 people already care about and love our baby so much before he has even shown his face. How cool is that? He is going to be so lucky to have all of you in his life. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers (and "stuff") our way to help make Alex's life the best it can be.

p.s. Sorry for the sappy entry - I realize it is a little out of character for me. Blame it on the hormones...

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Amy said...

Oh baby, you ain't seen nothing yet! All sorts of things are gonna come out of your mouth that you never thought you'd, "my mom was right" or "because I said so" along with tearful, dramatic, gushing baby talk about how cute Alex's burps are! OH! I can't wait! Parenthood is like that. Full of surprises!
Love ya,