Thursday, November 8, 2007

Future Foodie

Ugghhh, I cannot believe my baby is old enough to be eating his dinner instead of drinking it. But sho'nuff, he had his first taste of rice cereal today.

I officially stopped breastfeeding as of last Wednesday - or to be more accurate, Alex completely weaned himself of me last Wednesday. I'm pretty depressed about it, to tell you the truth. Anyway, that means that Alex's already limited diet has consisted solely of formula for the past week. And if you've ever tasted baby formula - a flavor my mom likens to "wet cardboard" (not sure why mom knows what wet cardboard tastes like) - you'd know that it's no picnic.

So we thought maybe Alex would appreciate some variety and anticipated that this cereal thing might go pretty well. Nonetheless, we were surprised at how well Alex responded to his first non-liquid meal. I mixed a little bit of rice cereal in with some formula so that the flavor wouldn't be completely foreign. Essentially, I created a gourmet concoction that I like to call, "lumpy formula". Sounds tasty, right? Well, beggars can't be choosy.

Rather than trying to describe the experience, I'll just let you see it for yourself. This is basically a full-length feature film, but I didn't want to deprive the grandparents of a single moment. For the rest of you - we have no way of keeping tabs on who jumps ship after the first minute of the video, so please feel free to do so.

I actually think he liked using the spoon more than he liked what was on it.

I doubt Alex would choose "lumpy formula" over a piece of chocolate cake or a nice porterhouse, but he didn't seem to hate it either. However, he did end up regurgitating most of it before he went to bed. Maybe that's some kind of a sign.

We're going to Dallas this weekend, so that may be an opportunity to visit some five star restaurants and expand his palate even further...or maybe we'll just stick to rice cereal.


Oliver said...

LOVE it!! Sarah, he got so good at it really quickly! This kid was definitely ready for the stuff. What a good boy! I was laughing out loud at the video and also talking to Alex while watching the video..."good boy" I would say when he opened up his mouth for the spoon. He's a genius :) Thanks for sharing!!
Love, Joy

leah said...

That boy may not look like an Evans' but he sure eats like one :-)

Tracy said...

Sarah, It's going to be hard to institute my chocolate first and last just incase rule unless you are going to invent chocolate rice cereal. Hey! A million dollar idea?