Sunday, November 18, 2007

His Mom's a Mess, Call DHS!!

I'm rethinking my initial enthusiasm for Alex's most recent milestone - that being the ability to roll from his back to his belly. It seems that back-to-belly rolling and belly-to-back rolling are mutually exclusive because as soon as he figured out how to do the former, he sorta forgot how to execute the latter. This means that every time he rolls onto his belly - which is all the time - he flails around like a turtle on its back (Only he's not on his back. He's on his belly. You know what I mean.) and whines until I give him a shove and he flops over.

It seems he has been sleeping on his belly, too, although it could be that he just flips over as soon as he wakes up and that's when he starts a'hollerin' for mama to come in and rescue him.

His poor little cheeks and chin have suffered much abuse as a result of this new achievement. Every morning and after every nap I find him with a bright, rosy glow that suggests he has been rubbing his face back and forth across his sheets.

You'd think I would have been mindful of that when I laid him on the scratchy carpet in the living room, but I'm more mindless than mindful these days. I stepped into the kitchen for a minute, and in that minute, he managed to flip over onto his belly, proceeded to flail and wriggle in an attempt to flip back over, and succeeded in causing a nasty case of rug burn all over the front of his body. Oh yeah, did I mention he had no clothes on? He didn't seem to be bothered by it, but I ended up slathering his whole body with diaper cream just to make me feel better...


leah said...

Tell Alex that Auntie L said....862-6631

Amy said...

Granny B says...Sarah, remember all the times I made YOU put on a coat cause I was cold?