Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Pain, No Gain

I am still battling a cold and didn't think that a "well child" clinic was a good place for a "sick adult", so Timothy ended up taking Alex to get his shots this morning without me. It was a bittersweet situation - sweet because I hate to be there when someone is poking my precious baby with needles, and bitter because I hate not to be there when someone is poking my precious baby with needles. However, it was better that I didn't go because I would have wanted to hug and kiss and comfort him when he was upset, and I have been trying my hardest not to do any of that in an effort to prevent spreading the plague. Fortunately, Alex loves his daddy to death and was just as happy to have him there to hug and kiss and comfort him.

We put on his sweet new kicks that Auntie L got him because he always feels better when he looks good. In fact, his shoes got lots of compliments from the nurses at the clinic, so he was especially pumped up to be there...then it all went downhill.

Poor baby got three shots in his legs and was none too thrilled about it. Nor would anyone be, I guess. The whole episode left him pretty pooped, so he forwent his lunch in favor of an early nap.

Timothy had to study for finals so I spent the rest of the day trying to entertain Alex at an arm's length. He was sort of bipolar all afternoon - fussy one minute, smiling the next. And I couldn't get him to stop pulling at his band aids, so I finally just took them all off.

He was in a little better mood once he caught up on some sleep, and as usual, he was even happier when it was time to eat. I promise, I won't post pictures of meal time every night, but tonight I just couldn't help myself...


leah said...

Lookin' good in the Pumas my man!!! Pretty sad that you dress sharper than I do :-) You look really cute in the band-aids...and with the food dripping all out of your mouth!!! :)

leah said...

Oh and how many tears did your daddy shed while you got those shot??