Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hanging and Head Banging

The jumperoo is great, but it's not exactly portable. I mean, I love the kid, but Alex is dreaming if he thinks I'm going to lug that thing up and down the stairs all day. So I thought a Johnny Jump Up might be a good alternative. That way, I could leave it upstairs to occupy him while I try to get some blogging - er, cleaning - done.

You remember the Johnny Jump Up, right? I think I spent half of my childhood in one. It is basically a giant pair of underwear with spring-loaded suspenders that hangs in the doorway. You put your kid in there and they bounce and swing and smack their head on the doorframe. Hours of fun! I'm pretty sure they got banned for a while because kids were getting tangled up in the straps and hanging themselves. But Walmart sells them so they've gotta be safe. Right?

Right. So I went out and bought one. Apparently Alex has chosen to ignore the "jump up" part cuz he mostly just bobbles back and forth and swings around in circles. He hasn't smacked his head yet, but it is bound to happen. It'll be good for him - it's what my mom calls "a lump of knowledge".

It was definitely worth the 20 bucks cuz Alex will hang out (pun intended) in it for a long time so I can get lots of blogging - er, cleaning - done.

He's recently discovered that it is just as fun to chew on the Johnny Jump Up as it is to "jump" in it. And you can't have chewing without slobbering. Case in point:

I have a feeling he'll eventually get the hang of this thing and use it for its intended purpose. I just hope that happens before it is recalled...


Tracy said...

Boy does that bring back memories!!! Make it so his toes just barely touch and he'll jump more than swing. What a great invention!!!
Granny B loves ya baby! Hang in there!
I don't know why this comes up at Tracy cause it's your ever lovin' Grandma B

grammy said...

Can Grammy have one of those "bobble heads" for my car!!!!!!!!