Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Afterparty

Clean up after the party was bittersweet. Sweet because it went pretty smoothly as we had about a dozen people contributing to the effort, including Alex, whose main contribution was rolling around in circles with a bunch of balloons attached to his walker.

Bitter because it meant that the party was officially over and that we were one step closer to moving away from our friends. But we sucked it up and went about our business. For Alex, that meant more fun times with his Grandparents before they all headed home.

Grammy and Poppa left Sunday, while G'pa and B left Monday morning. Their departures signaled the beginning of the final stretch, which includes packing up the remainder of our stuff, having the movers load the truck with most of our earthly possessions, attending Oliver's birthday party, and cleaning all of the filthy nooks and crannies in our house (which will inevitably be revealed when the movers haul away their hiding places). It will be a long and painful week, both physically and emotionally. Hopefully we will survive so we can make it to Dallas, cuz yeah, that's kind of the point...

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Oliver said...

yeah, yeah, onto the Dallas stuff!...


hugs and kisses