Friday, May 30, 2008

Trials of the spacially-challenged

The movers showed up with our stuff at 8:01am on Monday. As they hauled box after box into the apartment, I simultaneously felt relieved that everything seemed to be accounted for, and panicked...that everything seemed to be accounted for. Trying to cram a 3 bedroom house (plus garage) worth of junk into a 2 bedroom apartment (sans garage) is not an easy undertaking, and I suddenly had visions of Alex sleeping on the balcony while his room was being used to store Christmas decorations and board games and winter clothes. Part of me was secretly hoping that the moving truck would get stuck on railroad tracks somewhere between F'ville and here, where a fast-moving train would plow through it and smash half of our stuff to smithereens, thus eliminating a large portion of the things I'd have to find a place for. But that didn't happen. So instead, I took a deep breath, sent Timothy for coffee, and started to mentally organize all of our possessions by category, shape, size, and color as the movers continued to bring boxes in.

Timothy found a nice little bakery down the street called Zaguan, known for their delicious array of Latin specialties, and brought back a few things to take my mind off of unpacking. What you're looking at here is a ham and cheese cachito, an apple pastele, and coconut sweet bread, with a side of much-needed, caffeine-laced, nectar of the gods.

By Alex's morning naptime, the movers were nowhere near finished. By 10:15, he was fit-to-be-tied, so he ended up in his usual spot - our closet - while the movers continued to shuffle things into the bedroom right outside the closet door. Little man slept right through the ruckus, and when he woke up, he was refreshed and ready to test out the durability of the wood laminate floors.

Murphy wasn't totally convinced that this move was a good idea, so he needed some extra attention, but we think he'll adjust eventually, mostly because...he doesn't really have a choice not to. Sorry Murph!

The movers finally finished up around 1, and we had the house all to ourselves. Well, ourselves and about three thousand boxes of junk that needed to be sorted through. None of those boxes had food in them, so we ended up having Chinese delivered. A was a big fan of the chicken and broccoli, but he was a little less enamored of the string beans, despite the fact that they were sauteed in a hot pepper sauce that enabled him to breathe fire out of his nose.

When bedtime rolled around, we were exhausted, to say the least. A got to sleep in his own bed, in his own room, which seems like a good thing, but he was a little unsure about his new surroundings and needed to be rocked asleep. He slept fine all night, and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, ready for his next big adventure.

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Amy said...

Sorry Big A. Murphy wins the cutest blog picture on that round! Of course you are adorable too.
Kiss noise,
Granny B