Monday, June 2, 2008

Splish-splash, I was taking a...swim?

One of the most appealing things about our apartment complex is the beautiful pool, which will see much of Alex and I during this hot Texas summer. During the week, it is usually pretty deserted, so we decided to take A down there for his first dip ever, in anything other than the bath tub.

First, we decked him out in his swimming gear and slathered all of his exposed parts with SPF 3000 suntan lotion.

We let him stick his little piggies in first because the water was kind of cold, and we wanted him to ease into it.

As soon as his feet went into the water, he started kicking, kicking led to splashing, splashing led to smiling...

Once he had gotten used to the water, we decided to give the float a whirl.

He seemed to enjoy floating around, but I'd love to know what he was really thinking. Like, Hmmm, this sure is one giant bath tub. Why are there other people in my bathtub. And the water's so cooold. Mom must be outta her mind running my water this cold. And I've got a diaper on. And shorts. How am I supposed to get my nethers clean if I'm wearing pants...?

Of course, the experience of swimming around in a weird, giant tub did not affect Alex's luck with the laaadies. This adorable little girl caught his eye, and suddenly, he was all agog, completely smitten, and started to show off by way of splashing his hands around in the water and flashing his pearly whites. Turns out, her name is Kylie, she just turned 5, and she lives on the third floor of our building. I also met her mom and we chatted a bit about Dallas, about staying home with our kids, and about the fact that she's had a hard time finding kids for Kylie to play with because our apartment complex is smackdab in the middle of the gay-borhood.

Anyway, Alex's first pool experience seems to have been a success, so I am looking forward to working on my tan and staying cool this summer, while Alex is looking forward to...Kylie this summer.


leah said...

Corn Dog sure knows how to pick 'em b/c that little girl is way too cute!! Go Alex!!! By the way, love the hair :) Only he could sport it so well :)

Chatter said...

He is so darn cute!! And he's totally taking on a little boy look (not that you want to hear that mom).

Amy said...

OH! Don't tell me that you only took that 10 second film? I'm hoping you just edited it down for publishing purposes! Sarah, loved your suit-what I could see of it. Does a have a deep dark tan now or does he smell like bacon burnin'?
Granny B

grammy said...

Luv, luv, luv the picture of Alex and Kylie - That little boy has it going on!!!! Hey but I'm w/B, where's the rest of the video. He looked like he was really starting to kick his feet and get the hang of it.