Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Out

Today was Timothy's first Father's Day, so we let him decide what our plans would be. I was a little worried that he'd want to stay home and watch ESPN while I fanned him and Alex fed him grapes, but instead, he thought we should go out as a family and have brunch. We ended up at Blue Mesa, which has been voted "Best Brunch in Dallas" for the past two years. Apparently, the rest of Dallas had heard as much because the place was jumpin'. There was an hour wait when we got there, but we decided to tough it out because clearly, according to the hundreds of other people crowded into the waiting area, there was something worth sticking around for.

We only ended up waiting about a half hour, so we're glad we stuck it out. The place had a distinct southwestern flavor, in its food and its decor, and the energy was great. You could just sense how happy people were to be eating good food and spending time together.

The food was a mix of traditional southwestern fare and typical brunch items, so it included everything from an omelet station and glazed ham to migas and Adobe pies. It was served buffet style, so we tasted just about everything. And it was really fun to try some things that we've never eaten. Note to self: southwestern-style ceviche is hot. Really, really hot.

So anyway, the food was great and it was really nice to be in the company of so many diverse people who were clearly excited to be sharing this Father's Day with their families. We wish that our daddies could have been there to share it with us, but since they couldn't, we just ate a little extra in their honor.

Happy Father's Day!!


Amy said...

OH! Alex looks like such a little MAN in those pictures. I keep thinking there is NO way he could ever take a picture as cute as the last ones and then...huh! 2 of them! His expressions are so adorable. I can't wait to see you guys!
Happy Father's Day Tim. Did you get the card?
Kiss noise,

grammy said...

Well it may be Father's Day but you just made it Grammy's Day! What a handsome guy and little guy. Luv the haircut Timotheus. Daddy would never tell you but he was drying his eyes as he read the post so I know you made his day as well. Happy Father's Day!!!!

Oliver said...

holy cow, those might be the cutest pictures of alex i've ever seen! i love that his hair looks red in those pics - i know it's probably just the lighting, but it's so cute. and are those freckles on his face? i couldn't figure that out... they are to die for if they are :)

happy father's day, tim-tim!!

leah said...

AGGGHHHH!! QT-Patootie!!!!

Alison said...

Happy Father's Day!

Weems World said...

love his facial expression in the 2nd picture-such a big boy!!!