Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a boy wants

I've got my eyes closed as I type this because I cannot bear to read what I'm about to write.

...Alex is going to be a year old next month.

Okay, so that was not quite as painful as I thought it would be. But I still cannot believe that almost twelve months have passed. Pretty soon he will be dating and driving and begging for a later curfew.

Whoa, not so fast. Let's talk about his first birthday before I start having panic attacks thinking about his sixteenth. In case you've forgotten, Alex will turn the BIG ONE on Thursday, July 10. We've decided to have his party back in Fayetteville on Sunday the 13th so that all of our NWA friends will be able to attend and give him the rockin' First Birthday Bash that he deserves. Only a select few of you will be receiving "official" invitations because I'm too busy and too broke to send one to each and every one of you, my faithful readers. But please know, you are all welcome to come help us celebrate. The more the merrier. FYI, we'll be charging a ten dollar cover at the door - cash only please.

It may be presumptuous to assume that anyone will be buying Alex a gift for his birthday, but if you love him at all, or even like him just a little, you might consider buying him something awesome that he will love and cherish forever and ever. Now, let me tell you what that something should be.

I have updated his various registries and wishlists to include things that I think he would appreciate, and I should know, since I know him better than he knows himself. I have added items to his Amazon list, Toys 'R' Us/Babies 'R' Us registry, and Findgift, which you can link to here or in the left hand margin of the blog. I will continue to add to the lists, I'm sure, but this should be a good start.

If you feel like being creative and want to choose something that does not appear on any of his lists, that's great too. Hopefully the lists will at least give you an idea of the kind of things that he is into these days. Otherwise, just keep these things in mind:

Dallas is hot, and Alex throws away each item of clothing after he wears it so as not to be seen in the same outfit more than once, so he could use some new summer clothes. Here is how his sizing breaks down these days:

Pants - 12-18 months
Shorts - 6-12 months

Shirts - 6-12 months

Onesies - 12 months

Jammies - 18 months

Shoes - size 5

Hats - 12-24 months

Other ideas include: building blocks; things to climb on; musical instruments; learning things; DVD's, especially ones with good music; things for the pool; things with buttons to push that make other things light up, move, play music or make noise in general; magnets (for the fridge); board books; things to hit other things with (and make noise, of course).

Thank you thank you thank you in advance for whatever you decide to bestow on Alex for his first birthday, including good thoughts, wishes, and prayers for a second year that will be just as wonderful as the first. XOXO!!

P.S. Anyone interested in mailing gifts directly to Alex, here is our new address:

2626 Reagan St. #441
Dallas, TX 75219

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